Password Security for Businesses

In recent months, there has been a growing demand for online security.  As we continue to advance through the digital age, with more businesses moving online, online security has become an important aspect for many companies. Your online security starts with your password. It is the first line of defence to protect your business and ... Read More »

29th Jul 2020
Considering Wix, Weebly or Squarespace?

  Starting up a new business or venture is hard enough let alone looking after the business' digital presence. As such many entrepreneurs opt for cost-cutting, reducing the cost of their online presence as much as possible by opting in for a more hands-on approach. But what we found with many startups who tend to follow this route is that ... Read More »

21st Feb 2020
Happy New Years

A warm greeting from the team at Rubix Studios as we join you in celebrating the new year! Wishing you a year of an abundance of health, wealth and prosperity. To celebrate on joining us in the new year apply HNY20 on your hosting orders to receive a lifetime discount of 20% on Australia's top web hosting provider. Rubix Studios is proud to ... Read More »

1st Jan 2020
Reasons You Should Host Your Website In Australia

Choosing a suitable hosting provider is always a difficult task when expanding into the digital realm of web hosting and development. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, and ultimately, comes down to convenience, cost-efficiency, speed and reliability. Deciding to go with an Australian host is always a valuable move for your ... Read More »

11th Dec 2019
New Domain Name

We've moved our hosting platform away from our subdomain running off Rubix Studios' main multimedia agency service. The decision was done to better provide our hosting services more efficiently and more conveniently. By changing our main domain for our hosting platform we've open new doors to new investors as well as provide you with an easy ... Read More »

5th Dec 2019
Our Hosting Platform has Received a Face-lift.

We've finally redesigned our web hosting platform. As we grow, so do our services, we'll be moving to an independent domain shortly. This will enable our website hosting platform to be easily recognised, enabling us to attract new customers and provide more services to you, our clients. Existing client's on their current plans will never be ... Read More »

5th Dec 2019
Hosting and Domain Servers

Our hosting and domain servers are now live. We're still working on the design, but feel free to move your servers and domain to us.

We'll ensure your business, online, is running, and running fast.


22nd Aug 2019